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Do’s and Don’ts for Shoot Catering in London

There are plenty of crises waiting to happen on every shoot, but catering doesn’t need to be one of them! A film or TV crew needs regular re-fuelling to manage long, often unsociable hours, and high-quality catering will carry them the extra mile for you. Rose Catering has 30 years’ experience of shoot catering in London, so we’re intimately acquainted with the do’s and don’ts of feeding the crew.

DO Provide Enough Food

When the fuel is in short supply, the engine starts running down – which is bad for your end product. Shoot catering needs to be plentiful, regular, and reliable – with seconds in ready supply. Whatever your budget, think long and hard about how you can provide great food, in sufficient quantity to your crew – it’s a necessity, not an option.

DON’T Be Tempted by Junk Food

Pizza and chips may be fun for a takeaway, but it’s not nutritional and sustaining for people working hard. Crews need to stay healthy and maintain their concentration over long periods. Our menus take this into account by providing tasty food that combines proteins, starches, and a range of nutritional superfoods from breakfast through to supper.

DO Acknowledge Dietary Requirements

If no-one’s asking about any special dietary requirements you may have, you’ll spend mealtimes worrying about what you can and can’t eat. Your catering team can take the stress out of serving up the right foods for everyone in your crew. Our admin team ask for crews’ dietary requests in advance of London shoots, so we can plan the menus around them.

DON’T Rely on Local Cafes/Restaurants

It may be tempting to support the local economy, but film and TV location catering in London is very different from creating meals for customers. If you’re an experienced shoot caterer you know that schedules can change, that the food needs to arrive promptly and taste freshly cooked. Most important, meals need to happen efficiently, with good humour, and precisely when they’re needed.

DO Keep the Food Varied

The secret of successful shoot catering in London is the provision of variety along the way. Much of what happens on a shoot is slow, and repetitive. A meal break is an event and requires a degree of novelty to fully satisfy. A caterer that offers daily specials, alongside a range of options, breaks up the day, fills the belly, and returns the crew ready to work.

DON’T Forget Breakfast

Whatever time you start, breakfast needs to be on the menu. It’s a hearty ‘good morning’ to your crew and can be a blockbuster start to the day. Breakfast isn’t just about the calories, it’s also a sensory delight. There’s nothing better than arriving to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, the sound of sizzling bacon, and the tastes of your chosen way to start the day.

About Rose Catering

Maria Robbins and Paul Rose combine years of experience in the food and hospitality sectors in order to offer first-class film set catering in London. Our approach is simple; good, tasty food, served with humour and efficiency, wherever you need us. We offer a range of delicious menus, a hot boxing service, and professional standards at every meal. 

Would you like to find out more about our shoot catering in London? Call us today on 01869 345204 or contact us online.

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