Catering for Film Sets

Catering for Film Sets

How Does Catering for Film Sets Work?

The actors and crew on a film set work incredibly long days, often under tough conditions. The budget tends to be tight, and schedules even tighter, so everyone has to be on top form – whether it’s a 5am call or an all-nighter. Catering for film sets is all about providing the fuel that keeps everyone going – whatever their dietary preferences and requirements.

Rose Catering has been providing beautifully balanced film production catering over the past 30 years. We’ve experienced massive changes in the British film industry over that time, and we’ve also learned to be masters of adaptability and improvisation. We may be an invisible arm of film-making, but it’s good to know that our catering supports the creation of great films and productions such as The Death of Stalin, Yesterday and Bridgerton.

The Challenges of Film Production Catering

Decisions about what food will be served on a film set, and when, are made in advance. Then our job at Rose Catering is to make the production of food throughout the day look effortless – and there’s an art to that. It means arriving prior to the cast and crew – often before sunrise if we’re providing breakfast. Service can often be staggered over a number of hours, and even as we’re finishing up with one meal, the next needs to be on its way.

Over the past year COVID 19 has provided its own set of challenges for catering for film sets. In response we adapted our service without compromising on the range and quality of food on offer. As an example, our hot boxing catering service allows us to deliver delicious, healthy food, safely and responsibly to film sets across the UK. 

Catering for Film Sets vehicles

Our Fleet of Catering Vehicles

Much of the film production catering we do occurs miles from the shops, and easily accessible utilities. Which is where our catering vehicles come in. The Rose Catering fleet is designed to ensure that wherever the location, we can provide food that looks and tastes wonderful in a swift and streamlined way. 

Relaxed and smiling chefs, who have everything they need to hand, and a well-organised mobile kitchen, are key to a successful shoot. Production Managers often comment in feedback on the friendliness of our catering staff – they’re well aware of how a cheerful catering vibe can lift the atmosphere – and how a tense catering service can kill it.

It’s always a pleasure to have Rose Catering on a production. Their chefs are friendly and flexible, the menus are varied and the close attention given to the overall nutritional content very much appreciated by crew on a long job.”

Production Manager

Rose Catering Supports an Amazing Film Industry

We’re proud to be part of a hard-working and innovative creative industry. Films made in the UK now account for 25% of box office revenues across the world, which makes it a global success story. Rose Catering hasn’t stopped working throughout the global pandemic although it’s been a difficult environment to make films in. We’re now looking forward to things getting back to normal so we can provide film catering on a range of new and exciting home-grown films.

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